Thursday, August 09, 2007

Something New I'm trying

I'm trying something new here, a mosaic, and this is the prototype for future projects. The only thing is, I don't know what color grout to use. In case the photo is not reflecting the correct colors, the primary flowers are in the orange, blue and pink tones and everything in the background is white, and a light pale beige and a baby baby almost white baby blue. The squares are the baby blue, the brick like background is the white and the triangles are the creamy beige. So do I use a black grout? I would like the flowers to pop a bit more and some of the leaves don't stand out enough for me right now so I'm thinking a darker color. I'm not thinking I want blue grout so do I go grey or black???


'The Colour Studio' said...

Hi Dianne,

Just a browser to your Blog - and thought I'd make a comment that I think black grout would look great, or at least a very dark grey, so that it would look like a stained glass panel (like in church), and, it would compliment the silver metal around some of the glass, and would certainly make the colours stand out wonderfully!

By the way, found your art of the day on EBSQ really interesting and thought that your portfolio was very beautiful!

Jane (from UK) :-)

Art With Moxie said...

Very nice work...very colorful and free. Love all your stained glass pieces, glad I found your blog.

Glendale, Az.

joeymoma93 said...

I aboslutly adore this beautiful mosaic design. It is very creative and original. You work is lovely. You are a very talented artis!!

Judy Wise said...

Wow, Dianne, your work is so much fun! I vote for gray on the mosaic piece. And it was wonderful meeting you and your husband at Art Unraveled. I had the best time there and plan to return next year.

georgiascotsman said...

How 'bout a blue-gray grout? It may tie in the blue & white tiles, while having a calming effect.

I'm loving seeing your art change!


Julie Fillo said...

Gosh! I love this! It was so nice to hear from you Dianne! You are always so nice about my work. Now I'm gonna read your blog and check up on yours.