Thursday, February 22, 2007

Incubating new ideas


Well, I didn't realize it had been 2 weeks since I've been here. Sorry about that. I just though I'd share some thoughts with you. For the past year, I've been feeling like I really want to change the direction of my art. I think moving to Phoenix has made me feel like this. I love my glass, but I really love to paint as well. I think part of what has made me feel like this is the fact that I've noticed sales dropping off a bit but also that I don't want to be known as the suncatcher lady.

I know years ago I started making smaller things because in the past, I would start a project and never complete it. With the smaller glass pieces, I could make something that I would complete and make it in a day. It wouldn't take hours to complete and I'd have something to show for my time. Also I woulndn't get impatient waiting for progress to happen. And then it became so easy to do that I just kept doing it and doing it. Then the more popular they became and the more people wanted them I just stayed in this routine of making smaller things.

So how has being in Phoenix changed that? Well, with this wide open space called the desert, people have large houses, bigger walls etc. I've also noticed that there is a lot of earth tones in color out here and also that people don't have a lot of clutter in their homes. Plus, pick up just about any magazine and you'll notice the the minimalist look is very "in". SO there has been this internal struggle for I'd say about a year in me trying to figure out what direction I want to go in with my art.

Did any of you watch the Oprah show with "The Secret"? Well, I've known what the secret was for some time. I've even been to a 3 day seminar with James Ray, one of the featured speakers that is promoting The Secret. During that 3 days, you work up to such a positive state that during one of the demonstrations, I, ME, yes ME, I broke a board in half with my bare hands. Kind of like those karate people do. I can't describe everything you go through to work up to that state but it's a pretty positive mental picture to say the least. Well, I had also purchased one of James Ray's coaching programs and have been relistening to it the past few days now. The jist of the program is to set a goal for yourself and in 21 days, you'll have achieved your goal. Well, I'm not going to say what my goal is, but it's got something to do with figuring out what I've been struggling with for the past year with my art.

So in aligning myself with my goal, here is a picture of something I'm working on. Houses are something that have been really talking to me, that and faces. So here is a very ROUGH layout of a house that I'm foiling the glass for now. This is before the glass has been grinded so nothing fits together very well. I'll post the final pic when I'm finished. The picture that is on top, is it.

If you don't know about the secret, go to and check it out. You won't be sorry.


Diane said...

Wow, Dianne! I really like that house!! Can't wait to see it finished!


lklight said...

I just love these houses!
Beautiful work.